Solar Eclipse Energy – Finding New Solutions to old ways!

Wishing everyone Solstice Blessings, love and kindness – starting with self!

Wow.. what intense energy and physical shifts the past few weeks have been for us all.. NOW we enter the New Moon Solar Eclipse – Finding new ways to Old solutions!

Whilst we have had a major shift this past fews weeks many have ‘gone within’ hibernated & definately allowed yourself ‘time out’ either by choice recognising the intensive collective shift from fear into realisation of self empowerment, or you have done so through exhaustion!

Either way you ‘physical body’ will have had to recieve healing on some level and often sleep is the 1st port of call.  This period has been essential.. we are all in a state of recalibration as individuals an as the the collective.

Having feeling challenged by what we know.. our limitations, tested into letting go of old habits, sub concious conditioning.. following the crowd.. we have emerged with a ‘different way of looking at things’.. the energy over the next few weeks supports this and into and throughout 2020 as we find NEW solutions into old ways of doing things.. it WILL be a MASSIVE shift in conciousness.

The winter solstice celebrating and acknowledging both the light and dark and the preparation for us to explore more deeply withing to bring harmony and balance for the next ‘season’ of our life.

We start to explore and be confident now in our own choices and what we are really made of.. but have knowing of the importance of collective supportive energy that we must keep replenishing and strengthing the unity simply by just ‘being’.

Namaste everyone,


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