What to do with this feeling.. expansion or rest?

The energy is emerging into something new.. yet we are ‘sleeping’.. hibernating wanting to rest our weary souls!!

Our creativity is soaring but can lead to overwhelm as we feel so much to bring out into the world..

We must allow our new knowledge that has come from our emotions of feeling the journey to settle to become at peace with ourselves in this new feeling and knowing that we have.. and then emerge when we know that this goodness is who we are not something we ‘deliver’..

By being it we achieve it all.. we must simple allow ourselves.x

How are we all navigating our own journeys at the moment? Share for expansion of ourselves and each other..

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HEALING..As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the ‘certificates’ say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom…