We are here to bring change..

We are here to bring change..

For most of us we know this.. but we can still feel uncomfortable when we are asked by the universe to create changes within that others simply do not agree with.. we also know that this is fear based often by their conditioning.


Nether the less.. this still pushes our buttons when we are ‘called’ to make changes that instigate the rising of this fear in others.. at best it can be uncomfortable or difficult to live through for a moment or sometimes longer but at worst it can be excruciating to follow through when all that can initially be seen is disruption.  It will most likely at this stage also bring the reflection so that you then have self doubt yourself..

It takes determination to push through whether it be for a family situation, location change, relationship decsion, work or other..

But we must all know that as awakened souls WE ARE HERE TO MAKE CHANGE!

This new moon in Sagittarius is backing is all the way to start something new or plant the seeds to change.. it can be extreme so just keep grounded as you pace forward in knowing that everything is divinely guided.. YOU are supported and YOU are actively participating in your journey.. your calling..  and take with you those that are open minded enough to trust and leave those that are not (for the moment) as within time all will be revealed and shown to them.. when their fear has subsided!

Namaste everyone,

Much love as always.


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