Unravel.. The Awakening!

Truly knowing yourself.. the beautiful soul that you are requires so much unravelling, releasing of everything that no longer serves your soul..

Whether it be inherited, learnt or chosen; Beliefs, Doctrines, Behaviours.. the journey is long.. continuous.. many layers.. many levels of awareness..

Know that each of us can only meet each other with the level of awareness we have..?

During this journey you change dramatically.. shift with frequency.. like and chose different things.. resonate with different people or social gatherings, maybe even you dress differently.. eat differently.. so much is seen externally that leaves you open to judgement but this is minimumal compared to the changes within!

Your soul shines brighter with each stage of this journey.. and others will ‘feel it.. they will just know.. this will make some people uncomfortable others will feel inspired and join you.. but on their unique path..

The Awakening.?

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