New Blog Page..

Inspiration.. written in Love & Unity.

Channelled as guided to do so within the Awakened vibration..

Connecting like minded souls.. Inspiration.. Evolving.. Awakened.. ?

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High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle

High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle..  £10 per fortnight session.. – a group of like minded souls.. come & join us.. ‘Together we are so much more’! Welcome.. you have reached a deep soul connection of like minded souls.. this is a group of souls that are ‘Awake’  that are seeking themselves.. knowing on a deeper…

MEDITATION | YOGA is the vehicle.. ‘UNION’

MEDITATION | YOGA is the vehicle.. ‘UNION’ Patanjali wisdom shared and explored.. This morning again I am awake early before everyone else rises, just enjoying BEING and the energy of the sun rising, my inner knowing that we are not seperate, and that we are about to experience the most incredible shift in consciousness.. together.…

The Lightworker Journey..

The journey has been long for many of us but as we embrace the New Vibration it is not so for everyone..  I have worked as a Mentor with light workers  teaching through Spiritual Development but also through main stream certification as required by the ‘vibration of society’ at the time, for many years.  Which…

Working with me..

Welcome to Tracee – evolving as always.. Raising Vibration.. Working in the New energies delivering High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats. If you have resonated and find yourself here reading this.. then you will certainly also be resonating with the ‘Awakening’ energies and aware on some level of the collective universal changes that are…


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