Stepping Up.. How is that going?

So.. Happy September all of you.. How is the ‘Stepping up’ going?

Have you become ‘thoughtless’ in terms of a calm.. peaceful mind.. or are you racing with ideas and wanting to get ‘doing’?

With the current energy.. I suspect like me you are now embracing all that we have been cultivating.. all that we have been processing.. but this is not as simple as it seems and we can also find at this time to forget the nurturing again.. but remember that this is a continuous process essential for our growth..

As well as.. so much ‘time’ these past few month.. when there will have been times that you felt like doing nothing and just being.. times when you felt that you should be doing but were just being.. and times when you felt peaceful but others dramas or negativity ‘threatened’ your peace!

All navigation and we are all stronger for it and have had a Golden opportunity to observe ourselves and see how we have ‘stepped up’ and navigated it all.. a few questions for ourselves.. how did we respond to our own needs, and others.. have we always acted in kindness?

Just a few simply things to keep us on track.. to ‘view’ as we must do in this new vibration and ‘see’ what and how we are ‘doing’?

Expressing kindness for ourselves is an essential part of evolving as is to others..
Everything must have balance.. ‘We must do what we want to be’ and ‘what we do is who we are’.

Namaste everyone.xx

I look forward to your thoughts and shares.

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