Seek the magic..

There is much to be thankful for.. its just that we have to ‘actively participate’ to align and seek the everyday magic..

When we raise our vibration with whatever soothes our soul, shifts our reality, sets our positive intention or brings focus to the ‘now’.. to this present moment.. then our awareness alters.. we choose in EVERY moment to see the magic (or not).

With every challenge comes a shift in our consciousness, as does aligning to joy.. goodness and CHOOSING OURSELVES to recognise the ‘glass being half full’ (rather than half empty).

The conscious focus right now.. that will assist us ALL is to meet each other in kindness and compassion, no matter how much we disagree with anyone or maybe ‘think’ we can see something or know something that others don’t align to.  To just BE in the moment without judgement and maintain our truth is essential but to do so with love takes practice of going within and knowing ourselves more deeply.

We are not here to ‘convince’ anyone of anything in this life but to follow our own path and share our experiences through our lessons, knowledge and intuition in authenticity.  How it is recieved by others is of no concern.. as it also isn’t theirs when vice versa.

But know that each time we speak our truth the collective vibration rises, no matter if we disagree with others.  I call this the ‘energy game’ and we do this in EVERY conversation, spoken or written, it can even be through body language and it is most definately through feeling others energy.

If you want to explore deeper within, looking to really know yourself from the inside and shift your reality externally and choose more conciously – then join me on the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme – new date starting in January 2021 (I am currently delivering the final course of 2020 at the moment but this is FULLY BOOKED).

Have a lovely day everyone and seek the magic!

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation

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