Resistance to ‘go within’..

The hardest thing we will ever do is ‘go within ‘.. and we will ALL do it it is just a matter of when and how much resistance is about how painful it feels.

It is essential that we do this ‘work’ on ourselves and also why we are here! Collectively that is all that is required is for each of us to stop conforming to the outer distraction of busyness.. whatever that is for each of us.. to sit with ourselves in silence..

The most amazing thing happens when we do.. yes we release layers of hurt and shift much from our energy but it is all ‘stuff’ that no longer serves us.. so we are left we an authentic version of ourselves..

One that we can BE and voice e who we are and what resonates with our soul. It is a beautiful journey as well as painful.. but the results are continuous.. we do not arrive at a destination rather we shift and raise another level. There are many levels.xx

Tracee Cullen

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