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Meditation Teacher Training – Completion Test

Tracee March 31, 2023
Welcome to the Final part of your Meditation Teacher Training Course. You will have been advised when it is okay to take this quiz to complete your course so please do not attempt it beforehand as this is for your certification! This Final Test Questionnaire can only be taken once & it is a timed process so please only press start when you are ready to do so. You have 1 hour to take this test which is plenty of time so please don’t rush but be aware of the timer for this purpose. You will work through the test in linear time as you have done the course (so no back option), so complete all you need to before moving on, although there is an overall view at the top of the page where you can revisit the questions at the top of the questionnaire. Please for authenticity DO NOT have you manuals, notes or google to help! This process is as you know to assess your knowledge and to help give guidance where needed after the test questionnaire if required. Relax into what you have become and the answers are there!