Our perception of the world is different..

There is much change and far more to come..? update for the AWAKENED INNER CIRCLE will be added in the Portal this week & energy update.? June brings us major shifts of a personal level & relationships of all types.

Much of our personal interpretation of the world will be based on our sub concious, our reactions to everything external including others is a reflection of our own awareness and self healing.

Many things will trigger us ALL at the moment. For those that have done a lot of self development this will be rapid and show what else we have to clear within us.

Remember that we are responsible for our own energy but also that of the energy of those we allow into our space.. and spend time with.. so boundaries are essential.. & even detachment.

We each have to take responsibility for our own journey and often things that are said or ‘posted’ challenge us, because somewhere within there is more to do.. it is easy to ‘blame others’.. there will be a lot of virtual ‘unfriending’ to come for everyone and if your not aligned then often this is a good thing, but if it’s just because we are challenged.. stick with it.. and GO WITHIN!

Likewise more will be drawn to you that are of authentic sharing, alignment and vibration.

We are also seeing much ‘blast from the past’ energy.. i.e those that we have been distanced from, had disagreements with long ago, or that have for no reason (known to you), distanced themselves or cut off.. they are coming around again.. maybe not even in your direct path but one that you can view, observe and gain clarity from.

Much love everyone.
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor?????

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