Old ways won’t open new doors..

We must all embrace the vibration as it is in any given moment.. this is a continuous shift..

Many struggle to ‘let go’ of the old vibration, resist change or simply doubt you for doing so.. but you ‘know’ the way!

No matter how others judge you.. remain positive.. work in pure light.. honesty.. & shine.. your integrity is everything..

Many people may feel uncomfortable in your ‘light’ & will therfore try to ‘dim’ it.. this of course cannot work once you no longer live life by others judgements..

In fear others may also then try to ‘dim’ your light imposing their opinions on others.. but simply know that this is all learning..

Given more time.. as each & everyone evolves & finally drops the ego, fear & competition.. you are simply left with oneness.. unity.. love..

This journey through this process is difficult at times & many of you will find it a ‘lonely’ process whilst detaching..

Empaths as most of you are will feel everything.. firstly remember not to ‘own’ others peoples behaviour, opinions or actions..

Simply stay true to your core.. & in time those that maybe were not so loving awhile ago.. will evolve.. they will step forward & meet you in a different vibration.. they will ‘get it’.. & that time is coming..

‘People can only meet you as far as they have met themselves’..

In love and light as always..

Tracee Cullen

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