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- Awakened Souls Network A New Vibration

We are a community focused on creating a NEW way of living.  We are TOGETHER ‘doing’ this as an AWAKENED Souls Network  –  a New Vibration in the UK with different areas meeting up,  online PORTAL, and together creating the NEW World we want to live in.

The Portal space  provides   resources, group networking,  skill share,   aligned education,  workshops, courses and a support network of like minded souls.

For all souls that have reached a level of awareness.. have a deep knowing within..     You realise that you are here to Raise Vibration in your own unique way..

“The journey can be difficult at times.. to know that we are ‘many’.. on some level..  ignites the soul..  the heart can feel it.. we are ‘home’..”

Whilst we resonate with the land/community which is part of the vision, we are consciously aware to create this for us ALL.. bring the off grid sustainable living to us all.

We have meet ups already in Devon in the woods 🙂  with Bournmouth, S. Devon, London, Somerset, and Bristol meet ups very soon.  Other areas are to follow as soon as we have some more coordinators.

Whichever area you are in, anyone aligned to creating   the New is welcome.

You can sign up at 

See  you on the inside!

Tracee Cullen.x

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