It’s okay.. to feel the fear..

Awakened souls.. Intuitives.. light workers – its okay to feel the fear.. along with the calm..

Whilst you know the bigger picture.. the shift in conciousness.. it has been rapid and it’s okay..

Everyone is having to navigate the magnitude of the current situation.. and often people will look to you for the answers, the calming influence, the intuitive guidance.. its okay to feel unbalanced for a moment..  to check in with yourself to work through the emotions..

Remaining positive and returning to BEING through meditation is essential.. that calm and inner knowing is there it doesnt go away it’s who you are.. it’s just that the shift of awareness needs constant checking.. to remain in a place of inner harmony..

Its okay to feel the fear.. just dont stay there.. all is well.. we are creating a NEW way of living..  it is going to take some time.. and resistance from many.. yet the tide has turned and we are in rapid ascension..

Collective consciousness is rising.. and so we are all being asked to step up like we have never done before.. beyond the physical 3 dimensional world..

We are ascending.. we have manifested this.. we are seeking freedom and transformation and transparency is the Vibration of 2020..

Its okay.. all is well..

Namaste – My soul honours your soul.

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