I have won the lottery!!

Video – Just to say hi.. pop in and update everyone on my current creations, embracing the energetic positivity and sharing this vibe with you all.

All about my ‘lottery win’ – well not quite as I don’t enter it but i feel like I have won anyway!!

All the mentioned activity can be found at www.traceecullen.com

Namaste, Tracee.x

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HEALING..As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the ‘certificates’ say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom…

Happy Birthday Chi MBS.. a bit of my journey!

Happy Birthday.. (long post:-))..Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit – celebrating 17 years.. So 17 years ago I decided to walk my talk, follow my passion and create a sacred space for souls to gather to for healing, relaxation, a caring safe space, offering many opptunities for communication, as well as wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically…


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