Gamma Meditation – Personal transformation

Gamma Meditation – Personal Transformation This session takes you to the Golden Pyramid for soul level reflection – allow yourself to explore bliss – our natural state!

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High Dimension Meditation®

High Dimension Meditation® Introduction..
I have been meditating for many years and throughout this time used many techniques and developed meditation classes, sessions and retreats – Tracee Cullen.

It is important to realise that meditation has shifted enormously in alignment with vibration and therefore we must change our approach accordingly as many are now not finding it easy to meditate..


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  1. Just tried this meditation. I found it very difficult. My eyes were flickering a lot at the beginning. I could only see purple light coming in and out and some times black dots or shapes. Could find the pyramid My heart was racing a little and I felt very nauseous and headachey . Is this normal at first attempt? Please advise. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Tracy xxx

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Well this although you don’t feel it, is really good especially as you are new to it.

      This is a very high vibration in terms of the Gamma frequency and what you explain as eye movement, is you in ‘theta’ state, a deep relaxation level.

      You will have been though, even aware of your eyes and that maybe felt to open them, but when you do they are heavier than expect!

      To ‘only see purple’ as you say is infact your 3rd eye & crown chakra energy shifting. (Please remeber that not everyone can visualise or even see colour), so again this is lovely to have experienced.

      This lesson for you would be more about the expectations you have on yourself and to allow yourself to experience each session without checking ‘how you are doing’.. because everything is happening as it should and you need only to do what you are doing and that is by being open and doing the meditations and sessions..

      The inner work is taking place..!

      Much love and do some more!

      It gets easier as long as you keep showing up.. the lesson then becomes to maintain it when you can do with ease.


      1. Also.. the headaches etc will be the healing and your energy shift so always drink loads of water, rest when needed and do some more!

        Ascension symptoms are and can be difficult to manage as well and that is what your body is preparing for with your journey to start the HDA&HP.x

    1. Also okay. As you can just be taken to where is needed. However after a few times of letting go more deeply this will come.

      When you allow yourself to go fully, it will become irrelevant to where you go.

      But for now it will be about surrendering to the session and whether ‘you are doing it right’.. and you are. 🙂

  2. Wonderful meditation. I was in the pyramid in the Golden light. I saw what looked to me like a Diamond and it was so bright I felt it was showing me the way!! It was like a torch. Any thoughts on this anyone??

    1. Lovely energy.. Diamonds.. the brightest shining light.. like you!
      ..and guiding you as per LIVE yesterday in your ‘business’.x

  3. Good morning 💛 just came in as i thought it was a live … it wasn’t 🥰 so i decided to do a guided meditation and not waste this time I’ve been given. Wow just done the Gamma .. so powerful, i felt like a super hero with light beaming from my heart and palms, i was aware of being the portal as well as my breathing being infinity …. thankyou Tracee lovely meditation and definitely worth getting the dates wrong 💛🙏💛

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Lovely to hear your experience, this frequency can shift mountains but at a higher awareness which you will understand.. So always a good one to revisit.

      I have a calender being added back to the dashboard at the moment so that will help with dates of lives and all the other sessions that will be here.xx