Evolving conciously or sub conciously?

And the ‘test’ is now!
How are we doing so far?
.. in showing compassion as an individual, as a group, country, nation, world….

WITHOUT looking at the establishments, institutions etc.. how are we each BEING?

A lot of our conditioning is to also first learn how to be kind to ourselves, show compassion and love too. This is then a reflection to how we are BEING in the collective.

Compassion and kindness costs us nothing.. yet we gain sooooo much!

Starting to become aware of whether we react or respond is a good indicator. To conciously make decisions and take action is authenticity.. to do so sub conciously is acting from our conditioned data base.

We are current working on this through the AWAKEN course which is part of the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP).

We believe it or not respond 95% of the time through our sub concious!

This is how we live our lives when we are not CONCIOUS.. to be compassionate requires us to do so conciously.

Namaste Everyone & Happy Full Moon.
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Soul Transformation Teacher & Mentor

The next HDA&HP will start the 6th March 2020. See you there.


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