Energy Exchange..

FB_IMG_1496568376487.jpgEnergy exchange happens in each and EVERY interaction.. whether we have awareness or not.

We are each responsible for our own energy.. and this means many things..
? not giving our energy/empowerment away to others.
? having boundries..
? speaking your truth..
? of being the light/energy in every moment..
? awareness of mutal energy exchange.. which raises each other to a higher frequency..
? know when to withdraw from situations that are not vibrationally right for you..
? know that it is okay not to interact.. especially when coming from old patterns and 3 dimensional reasoning.
? if each person speaks their truth a positive interaction can occur even of the 2 people don’t resonate.. energy is not ‘lost’.. mutal balance remains.
? remove yourself from ‘fear’.. any situation that is fear led either with control or ego is from 3 Dimensional view point..
? seek 4th or 5th dimensional interaction depending of your own energy.. these will always take place with love and kindness.. whatever the situation, content & outcome.
? know that we are ALL energy and all ONE.. therefore everything is a reflection.. everyone one is a mirror..?

Of course basic awareness that we are actually ‘made of energy’ in the first place is required to grasp any of the above!

In Love and Unity as always,

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