Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies – Workshop

Tracee · April 13, 2020

This workshop has a DONATION payment for exchange of value.  Pay what you can afford – the true exchange of this workshop is £80. I have set up an honesty option so if you truly cant afford it, but feel called to attend, then pay what you can afford.
This workshop has been a great insight and support for AWAKENED souls since 2016.
– For focus, its good to complete it as a focused one day, but its a stand alone workshop, so you can book now and gain immediate access, start now & work at you own pace if you want to and revisit the sessions for upto 1 year!

A process of ‘going within’ exploring oneself and confirmation of knowing what you know, the energetic shifts we are globally experiencing are real and require us to align now and strengthen from within, still aware of the external ‘noise’ of the world but NOW its to know yourself deeper as energy!
– Align to New Vibration.

This is the ‘next’ starting point for many, even though you have so much awareness, it needs to be channelled for the highest good and spiritually raising vibration some more, there is always more!

For those that want an opportunity to align physically and spiritually, this process is like ‘coming home’ after such intense awakenings, maybe for many years, being on a journey to now of conscious awareness, collective shifts, wordly events, changes, detachments and now feeling the calling for a ‘recalibration’ energetically.

When we feel that our soul is tired, we need to have space held and delve back within. This is a great conscious reminder that your awareness and ‘calling’ is part of the collective ascension.

‘Everything makes sense’ within this workshop, all that you are and all the challenges you have endured, also an insight to where now.. for you and us collectively.. all is from within.

This workshop is also an introduction to the High Dimension® Awakened Healing Programme (HDAHP) – this is a 4 part transformational process for Awakened souls, healers and intuitives to align fully within mew vibration, create conscious change and align to BEING, walk your talk!

Throughout this workshop we will be looking at an overview of ‘the Awakening path’ and aspects of ourselves and the collective throughout this process.

This workshop will assist your spiritual being to realign with your physical body.. that often accelerate way quicker in frequency to resonate with the rapid global awakening shifts that are affecting us all, because we are ‘creating it’.   We will explore the various dimensions, the ‘old’ & ‘new’ energy, the awakening process, magnetic shifts, vibrational changes, the timeline, and how this affects us all as individuals, awakened souls, practitioners, healers, intuitives, teachers..

Working with 9 Chakras & the Golden Vibration this energetic process will also help many that find it hard to accept initially in the new energy to simply ‘be it’… This is not a choice to choose a different way of working… it is essential as the old way simply does not work now and it is much harder for those to accept who have been spiritually ‘Awake’ for many years..

I have been working with the vibrational, dimensional & energetic shifts that we are going through and worked with many souls to help them through this fully, since 2013. I have studied worldwide on this subject as well as my own profound spiritual journey.

My ethos.. life path… is to help others awaken their path, calling and help them through various development/teachings and hold space to emerge and find their wings! 

I mainly do this through my High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings, SIGNATURE channelled courses, workshops, events, shared writing experiences & Spiritual Retreats.

This Workshop is the first part of your empowerment to raise your vibration to inspire your next step forward or to start the HDAHP if you resonate afterwards, when you feel ready..  this will take you through the full ‘call in’ of the Awakening process.. (beyond our current frequency) which shifts in every moment..!

Giving you a clear understanding of soul choices every step of the way.. as ultimately you are responsible for your own journey.. You have however made a conscious decision to attend this workshop & of course to allow some more conscious participation, through the core layers within and to answer your calling.. congratulations.. lets begin..

‘Raising Vibration – working in the new energies’ – with Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor.

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