Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies

Tracee · April 13, 2020

An Introduction to the High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP)

‘Raising Vibration ~ working in the new energies’ ~ with Tracee Cullen

Through out this workshop we will be looking at an overview of The Awakening Journey and aspects of our selves and the collective throughout this process.

It will assist your spiritual being to realign with your physical body.. to resonate with the Awakening shifts that are effecting us all.   We will explore the various dimensions, the ‘old’ & ‘new’ energy, the awakening process, magnetic shifts, vibrational changes, the timeline, and how this affects us all as individuals, awakened souls, practitioners, healers & teachers.

Working with 9 Chakras & the Golden Vibration this energetic process will also help many that find it hard to accept initially in the new energy to simply ‘be it’… This is not a choice to choose a different way of working… it is essential as the old way simply does not work now and it is much harder for those to accept who have been spiritually ‘Awake’ for many years..

I have been working with the vibrational, dimensional & energetic shifts that we are going through and worked with many souls to help them through this fully, since 2013. I have studied worldwide on this subject as well as my own profound spiritual journey.

My ethos.. life path… is to help others awaken their path and help them through various development/teachings and holding space for them to emerge and find their wings! 

I mainly do this through my High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme, group sessions, workshops, courses, events & High Dimension® ‘Finding You’ Spiritual Retreats. This have run in the UK – Glastonbury, Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka since 2011.

This Workshop is the first part of your empowerment to raise your vibration to start the HDA&HP..  this will take you through the Awakening process.. which shifts in every moment..!

Giving you a clearer understanding and choices every step of the way.. as ultimately you are responsible for your own journey..  You have however made a conscious decision to attend this workshop & course to Awaken fully and to answer your calling.. congratulations.. lets begin..

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