Meditation Teacher Training – 4 week Course

Tracee · September 11, 2020

‘Teacher Training – For the Inspired’..

You will have been drawn to this course as you are feeling ready to deliver your own meditation classes, maybe even workshops or would like to consider delivering a retreat at some point –  and this course will give you enough depth to work deeply on your own practice to be able to deliver to others.

The ethos of this course is to ‘Become what you Teach’.

It is essential that you have already reached a level of regular practice of ‘meditation’ whatever form that may be as long as you take regular ‘time’ to go within, and are used to at least quiet contemplation and seek inner peace.

You will however be given all the required techniques for you to be able to teach others from basic introduction to assist busy minds ‘chitta’ with positions, methods & techniques up to a more advanced state including High Dimension® Meditation.

Meditation is the basis of ALL Spiritual development for all the answers are within – we just need to be able to be quiet enough to listen!

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High Dimension® - Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator. 'Being the change I want to see in the world'.. Namaste - My Soul honours your Soul.xx

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