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High Dimension Meditation® Teacher Training is the method channelled in 2013,  not as you may think as a 'course' but in amazing and life changing ways as I was working with people from all walks of life, ready and seeking transformation through seeking their own self healing, personal development and spiritual awareness. Through this method I was able to transform EVERYTHING I had previously learnt before as well, what I mean is that to work this way I had to let go of all previous ways of  'connecting to spirit', 'communicating psychically', 'intuitively reading' 'giving messages, even and especially how I channelled'.. what's amazing about this was I wasn't seeking to change or find a new way because what I did worked well and quite frankly I was and always am in awe of channelling and feel grateful to have this life path (even if I often wonder why I put myself through this)!! This is the catalyst to Channelling in the New Vibration (Separate workshop).
Tracee · January 11, 2022

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High Dimension® - Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator. 'Being the change I want to see in the world'.. Namaste - My Soul honours your Soul.xx

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