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Business set up for Holistic / Spiritual Businesses. It really doesn't matter where you are on your own personal journey but you will have felt ignited to have read this course description at soul level.  You will feel ready to want to deliver yourself out into the world, change your work/life balance and create a life that you do want! You probably wont have exact awareness or fully of what you want to do, or how which is all okay and what this course will help you with, as well as expansion and insight to other options or a broader perspective that you may not have considered.  This is all a experiential process through the mentoring sessions to help you, so you can release the overwhelm and just get started!   You may even have quite a good/clear vision but not the knowing, 'how to' and that is also what this course will guide you through. This is your opportunity to follow your calling and to get started right NOW.. with what you have.. Skills, Money, Location & Time! - But first you must chose YOU..  to show up authentically and ready to work at it.
Tracee · July 12, 2018


Congratulations for making the decision and investment in yourself, to attend the High Dimension® Calling.. Follow your Passion Course.  We will be navigating this journey together for the next 6 weeks – so take the opportunity to follow through each week and join me LIVE each week to ask any questions, to work through your specific soul based business and work through each lesson module to clarify your progress giving you accountability and support from me and each other.

This course is to assist you as a ‘physical’ business to set up or recalibrate if you already have one.  For Lightworkers, Awakening Souls, Healers, Intuitives, Readers, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Teachers & anyone resonating with making a difference in the world,  through service or product aligned to creating holistically | spiritually and wanting to bring balance in to your life to achieve more freedom in your work/life and loving what you do!  Your not alone and each of you will have all resonated in the following in some way..

Course inclusive to assist:

  1. Those that have too many Ideas to get started.
  2. Those not knowing what or where to start.
  3. Those that have a business that want to now take it to another level and realign with what they are offering.
  4. Those that have remained at ‘fear stage’ of Lack, Money, Time or Conditioning!
  5. Those that already have a business but need to realign and shift into new vibration or to what you resonate with now in this current energy.

So.. This is your opportunity to follow your calling and to get started right NOW.. with what you have.. Skills, Money  & time!
Business & Spiritual Mentoring and support given throughout.. do this journey with like minded souls.

“I look forward to hearing about your wins and sharing your progress”!

Let’s get started..


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High Dimension® - Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator. 'Being the change I want to see in the world'.. Namaste - My Soul honours your Soul.xx

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