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Tracee · October 11, 2021

Workshop – Create your own workshop!

Are you passionate to teach and hold space for others?
Do you feel called to share your knowledge, experience?
Do people ask you about your experiences, knowledge, how to do something that you do?

This workshop is for you if you would like to create a workshop of your own, in fact it will enable you to take this knowledge and go forward to create many workshops, as the teaching format will be the same and assist you to open up and explore a whole new avenue of how to deliver your experiences, knowledge in a specific, clear and concise way that will be easy learning for those you deliver to others.

This is the next stage of your journey.
Step into teaching through offering workshops to your own clients that also become students. This will often be a natural process, as you will have worked with people doing what they want to learn now and know that you have a way that they have benefitted from.

Sometimes people attend workshops to deepen their knowledge and interest in a subject and other times it is to help them personally or professionally.

Create your own Workshop – Learn to share your knowledge in the most balanced way energetically. Giving our knowledge freely (not in terms of money but in sharing wisdom).. is part of the collective ascension process of helping each other better ourselves and feed our souls of passion, to live and absorb what we feel called to do.

You will feel empowered in this workshop, to deliver your own, so that you can be clear precise and not feel overwhelmed or overwhelm your students. You will gain clarity and focus in knowing what and how to deliver your subject, interest, workshop offering.

You will actually leave this workshop with one of your own having been created.. 🙂

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