11 Day detox – Frequency Healing

Detox 11 days - starts 2nd of month 2022.
Frequency healing, has been an important part of my own healing and why the universe had to give me something drastic, back in 2019 to explore it deeper!  It all starts with a detox to prepare the body with recalibrating the physical that also has an effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual, because when we feel more in harmony with our body, we are more conscious and aligned to our wellbeing in general. This is an intuitive healing space, gathering all of my experience to hold space, set intention, send healing and frequency through held space as agreed. There will be a LIVE session which is group option at the start and following the 11 days.  (one to one sessions take place if you want specific frequency beyond the detox). ..and so if you resonate and have felt called to attend then this is the process - I will be running a 11day (distant) detox frequency process starting the 2nd of the month for up to 15 people. Which is a clearing of heavy metals, systematic toxins etc, lymphatics, and much more as explained in our 1st live session (which is optional to attend) the detox is invaluable under the current energetic stress we have been experiencing and has been life changing for me. I will also soon offer some other options including; frequencies and healing intentions, to support the energy system, but you will have to have had the detox first. (No need to be present as this will be done through your DNA, will give details to those who would like this). The initial detox will be £110 (£10 per day for the 11 days). In love & collective vibration - Tracee Cullen
Additional notes: We will begin this detox with a LIVE session at 3pm on the 2nd (optional, a replay available if your not able to attend), all resources, support and LIVE sessions will be held within the portal.
The 11 days will run through frequency and space will be held with spiritual / reiki / energy healing throughout the process to support your physical body to regain to a better state of well-being, removing metals, toxins along with cleansing and support to kidneys, liver, lymphatic, blood etc the benefits mental, emotionally and spiritually are also met to bring an holistic approach.
During the detox:
You will be required to drink plenty of water (filtered if possible) as this not only helps the detox process but frequency works better through water!
You can continue your normal life, although it is recommended to reduce or eliminate toxins as much as possible during the 11 days I.e. alcohol etc.
There is a support workbook for you to journal your experience (optional).
Following the detox:
We will have another LIVE session for feedback, support & discussion (optional to attend).
You will feel more energised and notice a difference in your general wellbeing.
The detox supports your system to regain balance, and return to more harmony for health and wellbeing.
Why detox?:
Because our energy field has endured much, our physical body has taken on much through our environment, products, food, drink and chemicals from many different avenues (even when we are super careful in what we take in).
I look forward to sharing this experience with you.
Tracee Cullen.
Tracee · August 31, 2022

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