Common sense has left the building..

🙁 🙂 this ‘virus’ does not wipe out common sense.. that is ours to take responsibility.. ?

Good on the lady in the bakery for taking cash to help people during lockdown.. even though she has been sacked (after 44yrs service).. for doing what is right.. if we cannot say no to ‘no cash’, ‘no singing in church’, ‘no dancing’, ‘no loud music in bars (must use recorded & low volume), ‘no face treatments’, ‘no mask’ how do we say ‘no vaccine’.. its going to require strength.. courage in numbers.?? realise that this is a trial run!

Don’t have fear.. this is just what it looks like to see the systems coming down.. we have corrupt systems as does every country, we are not exempt.. and would be naive to think so..!

Segregation is how you get people to conform and police each other.. there are so many levels to this.. SO LET’S SPEND OUR ENERGY ON HOW TO UNITE NOT SEGREGATE.. SHINING LIGHT.. #kindness

Even if we disagreed.. #bekind.. #doreasearch.. #meditate – for the truth is within.x

voice #authentic #RiseUpTogether

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor

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