Choose being happy..

Letting go is a huge part of the inner work.. and self healing.. the mind busyness subsides too..

Live and let live and be content with your life.. freedom within is essential and can only be achieved when BEING present!

Gratitude and forgiveness says more about you that others.. living in the past and returning to old issues is draining on yourself and those around you.. release simply by not giving them another ‘thought’.. your power is in your actions not thoughts.x

A calm being is one of present space.. one of fulfillment and grace.. joy can be felt by your presence.. your aura.. old energy is stagnant and damaging to health.

We ALL behave in a way that expresses our unhealed wounds.. so liberate by being who you choose to be now.. not then!

Namaste everyone.xx
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor

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