Change.. is here.. embrace it!

It’s worth noting today and for the next few weeks that you have worked very hard on yourself over the past year and that everything has brought you to now.. where change needs to be embraced.

Know that everything has been guiding you and right now the particial solar eclipse (new moon) is bringing up all sorts of feelings..  energy and lethargy again.. making yourself wonder if you can..  but by the time you get to the 21st Jan for the total solar eclipse (full moon), energy wont be a problem!






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  • Hi Tracee, loads of change happening with work/career even feelings. The universe has put me on a time out. For nearly 2 weeks I’ve been ill. First with stomach bug thanks to Ava lol then no energy and now into one of the worst colds I’ve had. I have been doing inner work and rest most days. And I feel that it is all happening as I’m going through a massive shift. I was just wondering if you agree with this. The tension has been worse recently in my body and again I am wondering if I’m ready to let it go now I feel more like I can handle life better. (after having a wobble) as things were getting too much so overwhelming with lots to learn to put in place. New venue, not enough clients or money and so on. I can see how much I’ve progressed and I am very proud of myself. Even though there are still hurdles high ones I know I’ve overcome so so much and if i can do that then surely I can achieve so much more xx

    • Yes Cathy you are in alignment and seeing how far you have come is being current!

      Making the change and following your intuition is trusting on a deeper level and the building up of your new venue can take time bit will for the start bring up old fears that you will have had previously whwn setting uo at home too!

      Mamy of us have had some kind of illness to slow us down or stop us.. its a process to know that a hige part of the journey is also reflection, time out & rest.. its all part of our ‘work’ ratger than just focusing on the actually phisical ‘work’ we do!

      We hace just finished the LIVE session which will go up tomorrow so tune in as you will resonate.

      Hope to see you at the LIVE March session.xx

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