Between realities..

Self care from within at soul level is essential.. this is replenishment that is needed by so many at the moment..  I will be adding some more sessions into the Awakened Inner Circle – High Dimension® Online Group pages to give you 24/7 access.

When raising your vibration, going through ascension and creating change it can seem like you are between 2 realities.. ‘the who you are now and the one you will be’..

The fortnightly soul sessions allow you to ‘do the work on your self in current energy.  This is essential as enerhy changes rapidly in every moment and so do we!

The collective feels into everything, we are meant to do this together.. as one.. yet honour our uniqueness!

New Vibration is to be able to manage this uourself and take care of your own energy.

#selfcare #meditation #manifest #ascend

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