Behaviour & Beliefs


Whatever our beliefs… our behaviour shows everything.. we must speak our truth but also walk our talk..?

People behave in many different ways..
Some will take what they can and then ignore you when they have what they want.. seek whatever they ‘need’ from you to use in ego..

Others will take what they need in gratitude and mutal exchange.. seek whatever is given and evolve to become unique and use it for the highest good..

But you see we cannot control how anyone behaves.. but we will ‘see’ everything.. we will know when others are not aware enough to move forward with focus on themselves rather than you.. to be in a place of love & unity..

We can only be responsible for our own actions and not how others perceive us..

We are each here to challenge (this is how we grow) and therefore when others feel uncomfortable (or ourselves) it will be a reflection showing them themselves.. it is their learning.. an evolved soul will use it and grow.. with gratitude for the experience  (that sometimes only they saw.. as it was for them not you) a soul still in ‘old energy’ will use it against you.

We each support each other for 2 reasons..
1 either fear of not conforming, to be liked.. or
2 because their vibration shines..

Make sure you resonate with souls for the 2nd reason.. make sure your light is shining and those that you support.. if not you dim your light too!

Namaste… ‘my soul honours your soul’

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