Be the Light..

FB_IMG_1504519513420Be the light..
Light has no shadow and polarity is diminishing quickly.. this is a new vibration and old energy is rapidly shifting..

We much each accept and embrace change but individually and collectively.

Being an aware soul of High Dimension and choosing to ‘be here’ at this time of Awakening is profound and will be shown externally as both exciting and  terrifying all at once!

The reality is.. there is none.. we are seeking and stepping through illusion and within you, you simply know.?

This journey has to also be consciously taken and the lessons are many.. uniting as one collectively is hard when all we have known is segregation.. now is the time..?

Always be open to the next layer of what we yet do not know.. always be open to the fact our awareness cannot yet at any stage see the truth in every situation.. be open to knowing also that our soul knows and we are being guided..

We must however 1st take responsibility for our own journey, lessons & actions to realise this!

Tracee Cullen High Dimensional Teacher/Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

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