Seek your passion..


Seek your passion from within..
Here is your vocation..?
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.?

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Follow your Passion..

Whats on your list.. If your wanting to break free from your own restrictions… then come and join me for.. High Dimension Calling.. Follow your Passion.. – Make your work your passion.? There is no better reward for me personally following my own passion/purpose than seeing someone follow theirs.. however it has to be…

The Lightworker Journey..

The journey has been long for many of us but as we embrace the New Vibration it is not so for everyone..  I have worked as a Mentor with light workers  teaching through Spiritual Development but also through main stream certification as required by the ‘vibration of society’ at the time, for many years.  Which…

Working with me..

Welcome to Tracee – evolving as always.. Raising Vibration.. Working in the New energies delivering High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats. If you have resonated and find yourself here reading this.. then you will certainly also be resonating with the ‘Awakening’ energies and aware on some level of the collective universal changes that are…

Spiritual Awakening.. The Teacher!

Spiritual Awakening.. Absolutely a fact for most on this journey.. For many of you that I have worked with me over the years will know that I often say.. ‘I am aware that.. I challenge you.. this is with LOVE’.. always with LOVE! This is never a specific goal or intention.. it just simply is…


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