Awakening waves..

Resharing for those that resonate.xx

It’s always in July leading up to to August empowerment energy that this ignites us. A great opportunity to grow, unite or to retain anger and self doubt. The choice is ALWAYS ours to make, in every moment.?

Written – 1st August 2016 (Resharing)..

This continuous wave of awakening.. raise in consciousness is bringing so much synchronicity.. and fast! Embrace it all.. follow what is being shown whether you feel it.. or simply just know it.. The last week or so has again highlighted ‘odd’ behaviour or outbursts from some.. as the struggle to release fear is being heightened.. difficult for souls that are still not aware of what is happening.. more difficult for those in complete denial. Assist all with compassion..(and yourself).. for all of our journeys are continuous and long.. we never stop evolving!

Many of you will again feel tired or even exhausted.. emotional release is also part of raising vibration and evolving.. So lots of love and healing to all.. whoever you are.. where ever you are.. Irrelevant of culture.. religion.. or any label this manmade society has given us… release it all.. freedom..xx Namaste.

4Andrea Lechner, Irene Greaves and 2 others

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